Angelino Spice Company
Restaurant quality food at home
Business Development - New products and distribution

As we ramp up our retail sales strategy, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and grow our business. We are interested in establishing business relationships with individuals and businesses who can provide products or services that will enhance our competitive sales and marketing position. Please contact us if you believe you can offer an opportunity to lower our costs, grow our sales, or provide a marketing advantage for any of the following:

  • Retail Stores Sales
  • Restaurant Sales
  • Institutional Sales
  • Wholesale Food Distributors
  • Food Sales Brokers
  • Spice Wholesalers
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Food Manufacturing Equip.
  • Shipping Services
  • Labels & Packaging Suppliers

We are constantly testing new spice recipes of restaurant quality foods that are not usually prepared at home - but could be?

Do you have a great spicy Mediterranean or Asian recipe idea to share?

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