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Restaurant quality food at home
Welcome Home, Bon Appetit!

Oven-ready donair meat in 5-min! Simply knead Angelino Donair Seasoning into 5-lbs. of ground beef, form 5 donair loaves, and oven cook for one hour.

Our back label explains the 3 easy steps how-to cook and prepare your donairs, with all the fixins - including our delicously thick-n-creamy donair sauce.

Makes 10 delicious large donairs, or refrigerate / freeze for later use.

Buy Angelino Donair Seasoning at Pete's Frootique, Halifax or Bedford NS
$4.99 per 42g pkg

Angelino Spice offers a truly unique value proposition - restaurant quality food at home! Our gourmet blends of spices and herbs are carefully prepared and taste tested until the end food product meets or exceeds the best restaurants.

The bonus is what you will save! In less time than it takes to order and pickup takeout, you can now enjoy your own restaurant quality food prepared at home. All at a fraction of the cost, plus the gas, tip and tax you will save, by using our convenient seasonings.

Visit often for our newest Angelino Spice blends and home cooked meal innovations. We look forward to serving you often!

Restaurant quality
at a fraction of the cost!
Repeat customers
is our #1 goal!

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